Specialty Fitness Retail in Redmond, WA: Goldfish Swim School

 In Uniplex Spotlight

From Outdated to Outstanding: Specialty Fitness Retail Improvement Project Brings Premier Swim School to Redmond, WA.

  • Project: Transform a former furniture store into a specialty fitness facility in Redmond, Washington.
  • Category: Commercial Retail Improvement for a specialty fitness company.
  • Challenge: Create a beautiful, welcoming swim school including swimming pool installation, reception, lockers, showers and much more.

Take a Virtual Tour of our latest project for Goldfish Swim School. To start, click on the play button to enter the space. Once inside, choose from options in the lower left hand corner where you can click to “walk” through the facility, view floor plans, and more.

  • Result: A stunning facility that serves Redmond children and families who want an inviting, indoor place to learn to swim.
  • Project includes: Indoor swimming pool. Locker rooms. Reception. Restrooms. Showers. Changing rooms. Viewing area.
  • Completion Date: Summer 2019


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