Big enough to deliver.
Small enough to care.

Uniplex is an award-winning and fast-growing Seattle-area general contractor experienced in a wide variety of projects across the Puget Sound Region. Current projects include: commercial tenant improvements; multi-year unit and common area renovations; custom homes; remodels; and both commercial and residential insurance restoration.

Uniplex has the size and team strength to comfortably handle large jobs, while still offering the kind of one-on-one personal relationships that sometimes get lost as companies grow. From leadership to labor, each member of the Uniplex team shares a commitment to understanding and respecting the client’s needs and building a long-term relationship.

This characteristic shows up in everything we do; from complex project planning, to the simple courtesy of cleaning up each evening, so your space experiences the least amount of disruption possible.

A vision for smart growth

Joe Schwab is the principal architect and visionary behind Uniplex’s strategy of expansion and acquisition. Under his leadership, the company has experienced rapid business growth, and has consistently placed in the top 25 fastest-growing companies in the state. In an industry where expanding too fast can put the company’s cash position and solvency in peril, while playing it safe risks being left behind, Joe has executed a disciplined balancing act between aggression and restraint.

As a direct result of Joe’s leadership, fiscal savvy, and wisdom, the company has been transformed into a dominant force within the industry.

A magnet for excellence

A deep bench of talent is essential for any fast-growing construction contractor. Uniplex attracts top personnel by delivering an ironclad reputation for integrity, a commitment to building at the highest level of quality, and industry-leading benefits.

Thanks to these commitments, Uniplex is a first-choice employer for notable construction professionals, and a sought-after partner among designers, architects, and craftsmen. This team strength is the secret behind Uniplex’s high-caliber work, as well as its ability to grow rapidly while still maintaining the personal feeling and outstanding customer service.




We run a business, just like you. And we have families just like you, too. So we know what it feels like to trust someone else with your valuable investment dollars. That’s why we sweat every detail to deliver your vision, whether it’s long-term business value for a commercial project, or the home you’ve worked so hard to achieve.



Many contractors who grew up in the field have never been exposed to the kind of professional management processes that are taken for granted in the financial, technology, or consumer products industries. Uniplex has adapted those professional management practices to the unique needs of the construction industry, meaning our operations are transparent, efficient, and proactively designed to cope with and compensate for the inherent uncertainties of the trade.



Let’s face it, construction is not an industry that has ever put a premium on customer service. We think that’s a shame. Baked into every project is a deep understanding that construction is inherently disruptive, so we do everything we can to minimize our impact — on you, on your team, on your business flow, on your family, on the neighborhood. We get out of your way, clean up our own messes, strive to keep your business open through construction, and make downtime as mercifully brief as we can.

“While construction has been known for a bit of fist-pounding and yelling,
both Joe and Uniplex take a less aggressive approach, favoring advocacy,
relationships, and transparency to build lasting value.”

Megan Simon
Chief Operating Officer