ROBERT MEYERSInsurance Restoration Estimator

    Helping clients and safety awareness are unwavering commitments of Robert Meyers, Restoration Estimator. A Pacific Northwest native, Robert recalls picking up his first construction tools before he was a teenager. Working in his father’s construction business along with his brothers with everything from framing to finish work, he learned many challenges of the industry, as well as the value of having a reputation for doing the right thing.

    Years of experience with a variety of residential and commercial projects in multiple states eventually led Robert to the world of insurance restoration. The challenge of recovering from a fire damage or water loss is difficult for any owner.  Listening, responding in a timely manner, and helping people navigate these unexpected disasters is invaluable to the repair process. With many aspects to coordinate in a short period of time, Robert’s experience helps steer projects in the right direction.


    OFFICE: (206) 323-4320